2023 VAHSA Health Institute

The Virginia Head Start Association recently hosted our Health Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia, welcoming health specialists, family service Head Start specialists, and other health professionals. The conference was pleased to have Rashanda Jenkins as the main presenter, a Region 3 TTA Health Specialist with over 13 years of experience serving the HS/EHS community.

Ms. Jenkins joined the TTA Network in 2019 as a Health Specialist, providing individualized TTA to recipients in areas such as safe and healthy learning environments, new health leadership and orientation, emergency preparedness, ongoing monitoring and quality improvement systems, and data monitoring and tracking.  Prior to this role, Ms. Jenkins worked at a recipient program, where she analyzed and used multiple program datasets to inform decisions for program operations, ongoing monitoring, and quality improvement. She also provided resources and information on health-related topics and supported states in developing and strengthening state health manager networks.

Ms. Jenkins’ wide-ranging experience with building organizational capacity and management systems makes her an excellent resource for TTA in specialty areas such as data analysis, health and safety, and group facilitation and presentation. She currently lives in Arlington, Virginia, and her expertise and knowledge were greatly appreciated by attendees at the Virginia Head Start Association’s Health Conference.

The conference itself was an opportunity for health specialists and other professionals to come together to discuss important issues related to health and early childhood education. By sharing information and resources, attendees were able to gain valuable insights into best practices for promoting safe and healthy learning environments, emergency preparedness, and ongoing monitoring and quality improvement systems.

Overall, the Virginia Head Start Association’s Health Conference was a resounding success, thanks in no small part to the expertise and dedication of Rashanda Jenkins and the other presenters and attendees who contributed to this important event. By continuing to share knowledge and best practices, we can help ensure that all children have access to the safe, healthy learning environments they need to thrive.

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