We are an independent, 501c3, membership organization. We are not a supervisory component of the Office of Head Start, nor are we a local program. Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to training and advocacy which enhances and fosters growth of individual members, member agencies, partners and others early childhood stakeholders. We collaborate with Virginia Early/Head Start programs, Region 3 Head Start Association, The National Head Start Association, the Division of Early Childhood Care and Education in the Virginia Department of Education, and others who work with urgency and passion to serve vulnerable children and families.

We are not funded through federal funds or any grants. Our operating funds are generated from membership dues, training event revenue, and sponsorships from corporate partners.

Membership is an option for all Virginia Early/Head Start Recipients. This includes grantees, delegates, and child-care partners. Individual membership flows from your recipient’s affiliation. For example, if you are a Head Start employee and your agency pays membership dues to VAHSA, you are automatically a VAHSA member.

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 4, Ashland VA 23005. We can be reached by phone at 804-347-6706 or via admin@headstartva.org. Our physical location is headquartered in Ashland, VA.

Check out the Office of Head Start web locator at here.


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