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The Virginia Head Start Association strives to engage all partners, including parents, teachers, family service workers, and managers to keep the success story of Head Start alive for elected and public officials, community partners, and taxpayers. Head Start is publicly funded but this funding should not be taken for granted. Head Start parents and advocates play a key role in establishing and maintaining positive communication with the legislative and administrative branches of government.

VAHSA works with partners to:

  • Illustrate to lawmakers the importance of Head Start and its long-term benefits to children, families, and communities.
  • Support the National Head Start Association’s positions and actions
  • Initiate and attend legislative meetings to inform public officials and state and federal congressional representatives about our mission: early care for at-risk children, focusing on school readiness and social-emotional skills
  • Teach and guide parents on how to become involved and aware of current issues affecting Head Start programs and funding — and be ready to act, telling their personal story of how Head Start’s two-generation approach has impacted their child’s and their family’s future



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