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Kim Hill Elected President Of Virginia Head Start Association Board Of Directors

Kim Hill, People Incorporated’s Associate Director of Child and Family Development, has been elected as the new President of the Virginia Head Start Association (VAHSA) Board of Directors. Kim has been a member of the VAHSA Board since November 2017. She was elected as the Vice-President in 2019 and nominated by a committee and unanimously elected for a two-year term as President beginning July 1, 2023.

Kim’s dedication and commitment to VAHSA are evident through her active involvement in the organization’s strategic planning and professional development initiatives. She volunteered to serve as the VAHSA and Virginia recipient representative on the OHS Region III Workgroup. Kim also played a crucial role in developing and monitoring VAHSA’s five year strategic goal setting during the 2017-2022 period and helped forecast the 2023-2028 plan.

“Kim has been a constant in our association and has helped us grow and prosper, including during the pandemic,” said Dawn Ault, Executive Director of the VAHSA. “She is a supportive and compassionate professional who has helped me tremendously in my role as Executive Director. We are very excited that she is now officially our VAHSA President!”

The Virginia Head Start Association dedicates itself to training and advocacy which enhances and fosters growth of individual members, member agencies, partners and others who impact the lives of children and families.



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