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  • Wow! This 2-day virtual conference had 375 participants on Zoom and Dr. Kimberly Johnson was able to engage us all! With the uncertainty and stress of Covid during the recent months of 2020, Dr. Johnson concentrated on the steps needed to pour out more teaching skills so that students will be able to step into the setting ready to learn. Through creativity and curriculum knowledge, Dr. Johnson blended the important information that research lends, while integrating the reality of teaching in today’s classroom settings. Classrooms today need to integrate more of the cognitive and creative processes.

    This conference also provided lots of hands-on activities that could be used immediately while getting students up and moving! Dr. Johnson also challenged participants to examine their cultural understanding and create more of a community balance within the setting. From areas of Communication, Conflict Resolution, Creativity and Innovation, educators also sharpened their skills as coaches for families, colleagues and self. Dr. Johnson highlighted skills that can bring about more organizational morale and productivity. She was very intentional in lending strategies that helped one reflect on their own leadership and self-awareness skills. The more educators view themselves as COACHES and not just educators, they can begin to help fill in performance gaps. This was a powerful and engaging conference in many ways!


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